May 2000

Our Wedding Day! 6 May 2000

In May, Brent and I took our vows to spend the rest of our lives together. Yes - it was our Wedding Day!

I had awoken that morning to blue skies and sunshine - a most glorious start to what would turn out to be the most perfect day! After spending the previous evening with my cousins and a friend (Steve) from Australia, I had spent the night in our home while Brent had packed up and stayed at his mum and dad's place!

That morning, while Brent was getting together with his mates for an early game of golf, I awaited the arrival of my mum, the bridesmaids (Lissa and Donna) and the hair and makeup ladies. The morning went by effortlessly - our timings were great - we even had to wait for about a quarter of an hour before getting in the cars to go to the church!
(Here I am with Leroy and Kelsi - ready for their important roles as our pageboy and flowergirl!)

We arrived right on time at the chapel! There was Brent waiting calmly at the end of the aisle, while the string quartet played. I followed my bridal party down the aisle, arm in arm with my father, to the quartet's rendition of Van Morrison's "Have I told you lately".

The ceremony was great - a lot of fun - and best of all, both Brent and I remembered all our lines! We emerged from the chapel as Mr and Mrs Tyler-Davies!

After mingling with all the guests it was time for the formal photos! Here's a few of our favourites...

We arrived at McHughes on Cheltenham Beach to a very warm reception! We mingled briefly before all sitting down to an extremely delicious meal. Following the first course were the speeches - which were all wonderful - humorous and heartfelt! The highlight for me was of course Brent's speech - followed closely by that of my dad's! After that we cut the cake and had an equally "scrummy" desert. The champagne and wine continued to flow as the band set up (Ricki Morris and Blue Day music). We started off the first dance and soon everyone joined us to dance the rest of the night away!

A pleasant surprise awaited me after we left McHughes that evening - I thought we were just going to go home - but Brent (with some help from his family!) had booked us in to "The Peace and Plenty Inn" - situated on the Devonport Waterfront. A perfect end to the most perfect day!

Our honeymoon, May 2000

We flew out for our honeymoon to Queensland - staying at Hyatt Regency, Sanctuary Cove, which is situated a little south of Brisbane (but North of the Gold Coast).

The hotel was absolutely gorgeous, stunning, amazing - and the staff treated us like royalty! We both enjoyed a wonderful week, playing golf every day (on the resorts beautiful hi-tech golf course), wandering around the marina township, dining in different restaurants every night, swimming in the pool, and generally enjoying each other's company! The time passed too quickly, but it was a wonderful holiday that we will never forget!

(At right is a picture of the main hotel complex as seen from the main swimming pool)

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