July - September 2000

And Baby makes three!

Brent and I were thrilled to officially announce to our family and friends in mid-August that we are already expecting our first child, due 7 March 2001! The pregnancy has progressed very well for me so far - I have been very lucky to escape any morning sickness, and all other symptoms are there, showing that things are hopefully continuing to progress well! Our first scan (shown on right) showed our healthy "little bean" developing fast and seemingly perfectly! My next scan is at 20 weeks - around mid October 2000.
Photo on right: Our little bean (with his/her face at top right, chest and hand at top left, and spine running along the bottom).

This is particularly huge news on Brent's side of the family, as both Donna (Brent's sister), Rose and Fiona (Brent's cousin's wives) are also expecting! Donna is furthest along, due in mid November, Fiona is next, due late November, and Rose is due in December! We never thought we'd all be pregnant at once! Life's cool like that!

I've now got a new car! 22 August 2000

After a year and a half of borrowing Brent's car (!) I now finally have a car of my very own! It's a Honda CR-V, with all the bells and whistles, and my very own personalised number plate (4SONIA!)
I had finally decided that a new car was absolutely necessary, to help my back injury finally mend (the seat in Brent's old merc was unfortunately not helping it at all!) - hence our decision to get me a car like this, that I don't have to stoop down to get in and out of (OK - so it's also great fun to drive, will be great to take on holidays, and a perfect future family car!).

AND we're in the process of buying a new house!

Yep - we've just gone unconditional on it! The settlement date looks like it will be around the end of October 2000! Brent and I had only just started looking at houses (as our existing lovely villa is a little small for our impending needs!). We were not expecting to find one this soon! We first saw it on 26 August - and loved the layout and feel of it as soon as we walked in!
It's a very sunny, open-plan, northfacing, 4 bedroom house - only a few blocks from where we currently live! It has numerous sunny balconies and is very private, surrounded on two sides by native bush. The main bedroom is on the main floor (with walk-in wardrobe and ensuite), with a second smaller room directly next to it (which will be great for the nursery!) and the other two very large bedrooms are upstairs.
(Below are a few shots, so you can see what it's like - but you'll have to try and ignore the old furniture in these photos - they belong to the previous owner!)

The house is nestled amongst
the trees with many balconies

View of upper level as we
approach from the street

A cute bridge takes you to
the entranceway

View from kitchen window out
towards the entrance-way

The lounge & dining rooms
as seen from the family room.

This is only half of the large
and sunny lounge room!

Erin & Tim's Wedding Day, 8th July 2000

Brent and I flew over to Sydney in July to attend my cousin Erin's marriage to Tim Lynch. We arrived on the Friday and checked in at Horizons Resort, Salamander Bay, Port Stephens, where the wedding was to take place. Brent played a game of golf on the Resort's golf course in the afternoon (I was too tired - my early pregnancy was unfortunately playing havoc with me!).

We awoke to another beautiful day on Saturday, and spend the first half of the day sightseeing. Erin & Tim's wedding took place that afternoon. Erin looked stunning in her dress which Aunty Jan had made for her - she looked an absolute picture - and Tim looked really moved as she approached him! Frith also stunned us all in her beautiful blue bridesmaid dress. The wedding had some very special touches, such as the invitations (individually hand-decorated by Erins school students!), and the ceremony was performed by the same minister who did Geoff & Jan's wedding back in 1972! Even more special was the beautiful duet that Frith sang with Jack London towards the end of the ceremony as the sun began to set. Erin and Tim looked radiantly happy as they walked back down the aisle as Mr & Mrs Lynch! The reception was wonderful, and a lot of fun - and it was great to have another opportunity to catch up with all my Aussie Bowmaker relatives. A real day to remember!

My little brother makes front page of the national newspaper!

Robert made our family very proud by winning a medal for outstanding performance in the Australian Maths Competition - which was sat by nearly half a million students from 37 countries! He's flying over to Melbourne towards the end of October to be presented with his medal. Well done bro!

His achievement made front page of the New Zealand Herald on 22 September and was even discussed with humour that day on Auckland radio stations (they were amused as no New Zealanders had yet earned any medals at the Olympics - so they suggested that we should invest more in our maths students, and forget about the athletes!)

(You can click on this image if you want to read the newspaper article)


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