March - April 2001

Welcome darling Lydia!

Our little princess (Lydia Zoe Tyler-Davies) was finally born on 19 March 2001 by caesarian section, (after I was induced on 16 March!).

The birth certainly did not go according to my Birth Plan (!), during the 2.5 days of contractions (and very little progress with dilation) I ended up being given all the drugs I had stated I didn't want to use (Pethadine, Epidural ... the works!).

The final result was worth it of course - our darling little daughter was born safe and well (with a good set of lungs!) weighing a very healthy 9lbs 2oz and measuring 53cm long!

Click on this image to see
a small video clip from
Lydia's birth day! (1.41MB)

The day after the birth we moved from North Shore Hospital across to BirthCare in Parnell, (it was pretty nerve-wrecking driving our 18-hour-old baby in the car for the first time!). We had a private room at Birth Care - and they provided us with comprehensive and personal service during our postnatal stay (we stayed there for 4 days).
It was money well-spent... Brent was able to stay there with me, and we had a midwife on-call 24-hours a day, who provided whatever help and advice we needed, and stayed with us for as long as we wished - invaluable as I was trying to come to grips with brestfeeding etc.

Brent gives Lydia's little
nails their first trim!

Proud Mum!

Here's Lydia back at home - just 9 days old - having a giggle with her elephant friend!
Lydia has turned out to be a really calm and contented little baby. She sleeps well, does not seem to get too upset at all (by wind, dirty nappies, etc) and gave us our first lovely smile at just 9 days old! As you can see here, she loves her bathtimes too!
Parenthood is still taking quite some getting used to, but with this little angel it certainly has made it a lot easier!
Alan & Nicki's Wedding

Our friends Alan and Nicki "tied the knot" on 7 April 2001 (a lovely sunny day) at the gorgeous St Marks Church in Remuera, followed by a great reception at "Top of the Town" restaurant. It was a really fun day, and Alan & Nicki looked the picture of a couple blissfully in love as we all toasted them a lifetime of happiness together!
Lydia took this, her second party outing at just 3 weeks old (she'd come with us to Dulcie's 60th party the weekend before!) in her stride, waking up after the dinner and speeches were all finished, so that everyone could play with her! Looks like she's setting herself up to be quite a party girl!

Alan & Nicki cutting the cake!

Sharing our daughter with
Lance and Pers!

Proud Daddy!

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