April - June 2001

Life with Lydia!

Our precious little daughter is the centre of our lives these days - it sure is a lot of work but she's worth every second of it!

She's a very easy-going baby who has slotted in well to her parents' schedule - going to bed an hour before our bedtime, sleeping a solid 8.5-10 hours, and waking up each morning at a very respectable 8.30/9.00 am! She has been doing this since she was only 5 weeks old! We are hoping that she will extend her night sleeps to 12 hours or so once we introduce solids in a few weeks/months time...


Lydia is developing well - she loves to stand up (supported of course!), look at herself in the mirror, put anything possible into her mouth, and she has really discovered her voice - she loves to gurgle, giggle, and often laughs now! She is quite tall for her age, and a little on the slim side, but a good healthy weight.

As our friends and family warned us (!) our daily lives have changed dramatically - I've never done so many loads of washing in a week (Lydia certainly goes through a lot of bibs, clothes, singlets...!) but its worth all the work - immensely!

She loves her playgym!

She moved out of her basinette
in June and is happy to go to
sleep on her own in her big cot!

Asleep in another
favourite spot!

Lydia with her Nana and
Granddad and cousin Katie

Lydia flashes her
gorgeous smile

She'll grow into her new
highchair with time!
Out and about

During the day Lydia and I go for nice longish walks (weather permitting!), visit friends/ relatives and go shopping (I'm getting a little more efficient at getting everything together, and us out the door, these days!).
We also go along to our coffee group meetings every Wednesday morning - there are 13 first-time mothers (and 13 babies around Lydia's age) in our group and we all get along really well - it's great to go through motherhood for the first time with such a great support network!

Lydia has accompanied us to quite a few engagements since she was born - becoming quite the social butterfly! In the last few months Brent and I have ventured out a few times on our own - the first time (for our first wedding anniversary!) was particularly nerve-wrecking for me (!) even though we knew that Lydia was in her Nana's safe hands! On that day we had a lovely (although rather rushed!) lunch at McHughes (the same place we held our wedding reception last year!). Since then we've also celebrated our friends' (Lance and Pers) engagement party and attended an All Blacks rugby match without our darling Lydia. Each of these times I couldn't stop thinking about her though - I have been assured that I will find it easier to spend time without her with a bit more practice!

Lydia wants to join in
the fun with Katie
and Max at Leroy's
birthday party!

Lydia's friends at Coffee group - Lydia is wearing the hat (third from left)

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