Brent and Sonia's Family Trees

I started to assemble my Family Tree information about 20 years ago, however the information stayed in a shoebox until 12 years later, when I bought my first Family Tree Maker program. This program is simply fantastic, and has allowed me to store and sort all the information I have gathered, produce reports any way I desire at the push of a button, and more recently to produce a Family Tree book which currently contains over 130 pages, of family stories, photos and trees (it continues to grow all the time).

Over time our Family Tree has ballooned in size, and currently includes 2771 individuals, and goes back as far as the year 1639!

I have a Family Tree Maker website which displays our full Family Tree (in GEDCOM file format) and allows you to search for specific individuals and view their own family tree structure.

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Family Tree

However in my opinion, it is the photos and stories that bring a family tree to life, and paint a much fuller picture than the names and dates alone. It has been my focus at the moment to gain as many family stories (ideally with a few photos as well), as far back as I can. I've gained some great stories from quite a few relatives now. I only wish I'd started this earlier, while my other grandparents were still alive - my Dad's family history trail has gone cold since his parents died, which is a real shame when you consider what more we could have had.

I have completed the Tyler-Davies family's tree and stories for now, and the Simpson family's tree is almost complete (just a couple more elderly relatives' interviews to go). I am currently working on the Quiggin and Bowmaker family trees, but am well underway.

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Tyler-Davies' family history

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Simpson's family history

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Bowmaker's family history

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Quiggin's family history


A huge variety of sources have provided me with the information to pull this extensive Family Tree together, from old letters and photos, to internet contact leads, many other people have helped me in the compilation of our Family Tree.

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Family Tree Website last updated: 15 November 2004