Career History - Sonia Tyler-Davies (nee Bowmaker)

WestpacTrust logo
Title: Project Analyst
Time employed: June 1999 - February 2001
Took over responsibility for the management of the new WestpacTrust credit card loyalty program, “hotpoints” (launched 2 months earlier).
  • Drove hotpoints recruitment and utilisation through targeted DM and statement insert campaigns. The recruitment campaigns were extremely successful, surpassing budgeted enrolment targets, and exceeding WPT’s biggest rival’s membership numbers just 14 months into the programme.
  • I was the primary contact point for Carlson Marketing Group (an external company contracted by WestpacTrust to manage the operational side of the accumulation and redemption of hotpoints, including hotpoints statement generation, 0800 number, and gift voucher distribution). Monitored CMG’s performance against their contract, policed their expenditure, etc.
  • Streamlined the complex budgets and forecasting models in conjunction with the Accounting department. Renegotiated the CMG contract to WPT’s advantage, using the findings from the forecasting model in the bargaining process.
  • Responsible for the successful communication between WPT’s four departments involved in running the hotpoints system on the WPT side (applications, operations, IT, accounting). Reviewed and streamlined operations in all four departments, to create efficiencies, and reduce human error. Initiated and managed some comprehensive IT modifications, which involved improving the quality and usefulness of data transferred between WPT and CMG. Distributed improved and updated training and Q&A material for the Operations and 0800 Customer Service departments.
  • Produced and administered the annual marketing plans and 6-monthly marketing calendars.
  • Coordinated the look and content of the marketing offers for each DM campaign and quarterly hotpoints statement, together with Saatchi & Saatchi Wellington.
  • Initated, gained approval and managed a revamp of the communication pieces received by the customer after they join the hotpoints program. The revamp included consolidating 3 separately mailed brochures/letters into one complete system-generated “Welcome Pack” (3 versions), to improve the effectiveness and relevance of the welcome message, and significantly reduce WPT’s costs. This revamp involved some major IT changes and was finally launched 2 months after my departure.
  • Reviewed and initiated changes to the Redemption Partners portfolio.
  • Recruitment of Bonus Partners. Identified key WPT merchants to target, organised meetings and made presentations. Developed Bonus Partner contract and monthly reporting formats. Managed relationship with first bonus partner, Caltex.
Title: Project Analyst (Contract)
Time employed: Jan 1999 - June 1999 (3mth contract extended)
Responsible for the affinity cards portfolio including theUniversity Visa. Managed additional projects as required.
  • Involved in the development and launch of the Preview newsletter. Managed the production of the premiere March issue and June Preview.
  • Managed the review of all University Visa stationery items (Take One brochures, Statements, Terms and Conditions brochures, Welcome packs, letterhead, posters banners, etc).
  • Coordinated the point of sale programs for the graduation ceremonies for the seven universities. Specifically arranged the marquee display for Auckland University.
Sandfield logo
Title: Marketing & Documentation Project Manager (Contract)
Time employed: Aug 1998 - Jan 1999 (On call ongoing)
Sandfield Associates is a small, rapidly growing software development company producing integrated software solutions for the specialised areas of freight management and accounting systems. I was contracted to produce marketing materials for all of their key software packages (EDI Medium, Freight Information System, Bay Planner, On Account).
  • Reviewed the functionality of Sandfield's key software packages and recommended improvements to enhance user-friendliness and improve marketability.
  • Put forward a proposal for an overall image to be used on the various marketing materials and products. This proposal was approved.
  • Prepared marketing materials for the sales representatives for the company's key product EDI Medium
  • Created comprehensive user manual documentation for the key packages.
  • Negotiated with print production companies for production of the documentation.
  • Created a complete on-line help system for EDI Medium
Whitcoulls logo
Title: Project Manager (Contract)
Time employed: May 1998 - July 1998
Volunteered for the project of implementing a rollout of Multimedia to all stores (then only ranged in 14 stores). Role involves defining Whitcoulls' price positioning, streamlining the buying and returns process, training store staff, and developing targeted promotional campaigns (eg setup of a multimedia shop on the Whitcoulls internet site).
Title: Senior Category Manager Books
Time employed: May 1997 - April 1998
Promoted to role of overseeing the Book categories for all Whitcoulls Stores. Managed a team of 3 Category Managers (resp onsible for Paperbacks, Lifestyle, Learning & Discovery, General Books, NZ Books, Travel & Maps, Children's Books). Own category responsibilities were Multimedia, Computer Books, Business Books, Educational Books.
  • Christmas 1997: Managed the team's buying and replenishing of titles. Created new format brief to stores detailing the titles contained in the centralised buy.
  • New Concept Stores: Involved in the layout and ranging of the first of the new concept stores (negotiating floor space allocations, coord inating the centralised buy of stock for new stores, collating opening specials, etc).New look Whitcoulls store
  • Overhauled the categorisation of all titles in the various Book categories in order for staff and suppliers to code titles more accurately. Created conversion tables for new title guidelines and stock controls in order for both new- and old-concept stores to independently range and replenish their stock to their own layouts.
  • Coordinated the Monthly buying process (2,000+ titles are presented monthly).
  • Managed the buying for the Kids List Promotion, cordinated in-store activities and the centralised buy, proofed in-store brochure, POS etc)
    Kids List flyer
  • Other promotions: Fathers Day, Back to School, Guaranteed Best Read (The Notebook), John Grisham (Street Lawyer), Mothers Day, Teletubbies, Try Buys, The Sale.
    Whitcoulls The Sale brochure
Title: Category Manager Magazines (Contract)
Time employed: April 1997 - May 1997
Responsible for the ranging and performance of the Magazines category for all stores.
  • Plannogrammed and relayed selected stores to increase efficicies and performance.
  • Fine tuned the centralised customer ordering system.
Disney logo
Title: Marketing Manager
Time employed: October 1996 - March 1997
Responsible for the development and management of an intensive marketing programme, working closely with Disney's promotional partners and licensees, managing consumer promotions and special events to market their core merchandise brands.
  • Produced individual Brand Plans and overall Marketing plan for 1997.

  • Managed Central Marketing Fund and Promotional Budgets.
  • Liased with and produced marketing activity reports for International Marketing offices (Melbourne, Hong Kong and Burbank).
  • Developed and managed Point of Sale initiatives with retailers.
  • Produced communications for licensees and promotional partners.
Kmart logo
Title: Brands and Promotions Manager
Time employed: March 1995 - October 1996
Responsible for the management of all in-store promotions for Kmart New Zealand, the Kmart house brands, and specific strategic projects.
In-store Promotions
Managed the promotional budget to ensure effective and efficient expenditure while meeting the required sales and business objectives of Kmart New Zealand:
  • Developed exclusive promotions for Kmart:
    eg Bumper Easter Egg Hunt; Christmas Wishing Tree Appeal with Celebrity Bears.
    Wishing Tree Celebrity Bears
  • Coordinated promotions in partnership with individual suppliers:
    eg Walt Disney's 101 Dalmatians and Pocahontas movie release; Roadshow and Walt Disney's Lion King and 101 Dalmatians video releases; ANZ Back To School.
  • Coordinated promotions with groups of suppliers to maximise the prize offer:
    eg Mother's Day and Father's Day Giant Prize Packs.
Brand Management
Responsible for the family of house brands for Kmart New Zealand:
  • Reviewed and rationalised Kmart's house br ands from an initial 83 brands down to 12 including the new NOW apparel brand.
  • Coordinated the launch of "Kiwi's Choice" house brand soft drink range (customer research; packaging design of cans, cartons and vending machines; promotional launch including taste testing).
    KC Print pass           
  • Managed the design and production of all house brand packaging (including negotiation with both printers and product suppliers).
  • Managed the Kmart house brand trademarks portfolio (including liaison with trademark attorneys and solicitors).
Strategic Projects
Responsible for specific strategic projects for Kmart New Zealand:
  • Developed new "Silent Salesman" programme, enabling customers to compare products in certain areas in-store without the need for assistance.
  • Developed new security features and design for Gift Vouchers (identification of required features; setup and management of project team; requested delivery of required system changes; designed new voucher incorporating security features, initiated changeover from the old system to th e new, to minimise costs).
  • Developed Kmart Credit Card Marketing Plan (initiation and review of customer research, development of the product offer, management of the project team, etc).
Countrywide logo
Title: Product Manager - Transactional Banking
Time employed: May 1994 - Feb 1995
Promoted to Product Manager, responsible for the Trust Account, Cheque Accounts, Easibank Card and ATM and EFTPOS services.
  • Relaunched the Trust Account package: Created and managed the project team; requested system changes (including development of automatic faxing facility); communicated project updates to branches; produced a comprehensive selling pack; reviewed stationery and reporting for the account; coordinated mailout to existing customers prior to launch; ran staff training sessions during the launch period.
    Trust Account brochure
  • Introduced new corporate image cheque books / Easibank cards etc (This included the initiation and review of attitudinal qualitative/quantitative research which analysed customer response to the new image before introduction).
    New Countrywide Look
  • Initiated program to improve the Easibank network: Re-designed ATM screens to increase user-friendliness; produced ATM Location Guides and distributed to customers; reviewed fees charged to encourage usage.
  • Managed the product budgets.
  • Prepared the annual Marketing Plan for products in area of responsibility.
Title: Assistant Product Manager Funding
Time employed: May 1993 - May 1994
Responsible for Savings Accounts, Cheque Accounts, Easibank Card and ATM and EFTPOS services.
  • Responsible for overall marketing of Funding portfolio during a five month period during 1993, including providing fortnightly recommendations to the executive rate setting committee, organisation of production of new Term Investment Maturity Advice, involvement in Integration of Countryw ide and United Banks Stage 2 and launch of new corporate identity, and management of all funding budgets.
  • Developed and launched the Goal Savings Account: Cost justification; account revamp (fees, interest rate structure); managed the creation of the TVC an d press advertising; direct mail to existing customers; arranged "Double Your Money" draw system.
  • Reviewed savings account fees (and introduced new fees).
  • Negotiated "Countrywide Bank family" actor contracts, and coordinated a 5 day photo shoot.
  • Created a Generic Savings Brochure and Generic Investments Brochure (and established full brochure layout standards for the Bank to facilitate the introduction of the new corporate identity).
NAB(NZ) logo
Title: Marketing Assistant Distribution
Time employed: Dec 1991 - April 1993
Responsible for Cash Access Card, American Express Card and related services (ATMs, EFTPOS), ALICO Payment Protection Insurance, Branch opening programmes.
  • Developed and launched a new Cash Access Card and EFTPOS facility (including promotional campaigns / direct mailings)
  • Developed the ALICO payment protection product (including a cross sell mailing to existing lending customers)
  • Designed the Cash Access Card, EFTPOS and ALICO brochures
    NAB (NZ) Card
  • Managed business relationships with outside distribution organisations; contract negotiations, market research.
Title: Marketing Assistant Promotions
Time employed: Mar 1991 - Dec 1991
Responsible for sponsorships and promotions, cheque accounts, Client Investment Account and Telephone Call Account.
  • Tasks included competitor analyses, market research, product development, brochure copy and design (Cheque Plus and Telephone Call accounts, Client Investment Account), preparation of Marketing Plan (Client Investment Account), staff training, assess ment and recommendations of sponsorship requests, organisation of promotional campaigns.
Title: Graduate Trainee Programme
Time employed: Feb 1990 - Mar 1991
Training within the areas of branches (batching, telling, opening and loading deposit and lending accounts), corporate banking, marketing, lending and recoveries, commercial business, international and treasury operations.

Auckland University Commerce Department
Title: Computer Laboratory Technician part time (Assistant to Lab Manager).
Time employed: Mar 1988 - May 1989
Martins Toys and Hobbies, Shore City
Title: Shop Assistant part time.
Time employed: Sept 1985 - Mar 1988