My photo gallery!

The gang was all together for Lance and Pers' Big Day The family's all ready to celebrate Y2K on Auric Say cheese! With Rose, Dulcie and Pym
Golf Aussie style - with Kangaroos! Quote of the day: "We've never had a shag on the boat before!" John and Paul are all set to party!

Grandad Quiggin

Big Fish

A great night out

Heeding some great advice
from my Grandad Quiggin

Gotta love that fishing!

My cousins Eamon Coll,
David Whealy, Joe Coll.
Then Brent, brother Richard
and Michael Whealy


  Brent and Kelsi

Brent and Me

Brent and his cousin Paul's
daughter Kelsi

Getting cosy with Brent

Ken and Lissa staying cool in the sun


Cousins Frith and Erin

Michelle & Matt

Eamon and Richelle

Cousins Frith and Erin
say "Cheese" at Erin's 21st

Cousin Michelle and Matt
on their honeymoon

Cousin Eamon with his
new wife Richelle!

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