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What we've been up to lately...

December 2016

* 10 Years
* College

* Dancing

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December 2015

* Cambridge
* USA and Sydney


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December 2014

* USA and Mexico
* Rotorua

* the Mythbusters

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December 2013

* Hawaii
* Helicopters

* Rihanna Concert

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December 2012

* Orlando
* Club Med

New York
* San Francisco
* New Brother

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December 2011

* Skiing
* Katy Perry Concert

Gold Coast!

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December 2010

* Disneyland
* Las Vegas
* San Deigo

Santa Monica!

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December 2009

* Rennovations
* School
* Fiji


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December 2008

* School Prize Giving
* Veggie Garden
* Skiing


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  My battle with Breast Cancer - My regular diary page for friends and family          

  Click here to see my 6 minutes of fame (On TV3's Campbell Live News)!

Saturday 23rd December 2006 9.00am - Sonia's battle is over.......

A walk down Memory lane...


June - August 2006
(Lovely Fiji! The monster continues to rear its ugly head! Paul's 40th birthday bash... Other recent fun happenings!)

March - May 2006
(The girls birthdays - and Lydia's first day at school... The monster returns :o/ !!! Brent's impressive latest carpentry achievement! Megan and Hilton's wedding...)

Late December 2005 - Early March 2006
(Richard and Michelle's Wedding... Our latest boating adventure... Our bathrooms project - Stage Two finally (almost) complete! Bye bye chemo!)



October - Early December 2005
(Our upstairs bathrooms are all finished! Sonia's already halfway through chemotherapy. Our beautiful girls)
May - September 2005
(Our Monarch butterfly project was a great success! Our exciting new bathroom project (we're overhauling all 4 rooms!)
"The Big C" pays Sonia a visit, Our beautiful girls)
February - April 2005
(Our latest trip to Sydney. Lydia and Emily celebrate their birthdays. We've completed our latest garden makeover! Breeding monarch butterflies. Lydia and Emily's progress)
July 2004 - January 2005
(Our latest garden projects... Our "Summer" weekend... Christmas 2004 and New Years...
Our New Years holiday at the bach... A trip out on the new boat)
March - June 2004
(Our house gets an extreme makeover! Our latest trip to Sydney,
3 new baby boys join our extended  family)
December 2003 - Early March 2004
Our big front garden makeover, Emily's 1st Birthday, Lydia and Emily's progress)




September - December 2003
Fiji, Emily and Lydia's latest achievements, Coffee group Christmas party)
April - August 2003
(Emily's early months, new roof stage 1, Lydia's progress, Sonia's exercise drive)
January - March 2003
(Emily's birth, Lydia's birthday, Our new deck and playgym, Lydia's new dollshouse
October - Early December 2002
(Our Fiji holiday, Lydia's new room, Boardwalk update and new deck plans, Zack's birth)
July - Early September 2002
(And baby makes 4, Our trip to Sydney, Lydia sees the Wiggles in concert)
April - June 2002
(At the zoo, Boardwalk project, Our second wedding anniversary, Lydia's progress)
February - March 2002
(Lydia's Birthday, Lance & Pers' wedding, Liam's Birth, Lydia's week of fame)
December 2001 - February 2002
(Xmas 2001, Holidays at the batch, boardwalk project, Lydia's progress)
October - December 2001
(Backyard challenge, Family Tree research, Lydia's progress)

July - September 2001
(Trip to Brisbane, Family Pics, New front garden)

April - June 2001
(Life with Lydia, Out and about)
March 2001
(Lydia's birth, Alan & Nicki's wedding)
December 2000 - February 2001
(Waiting for baby, Owen & Jo's wedding, home improvements, Fishing)

October - November 2000
(Katie's birth, Babies on the way, Our new house)
July - September 2000
(Baby makes 3, The new car and house, Erin & Tim's wedding, Robert in Herald)
May 2000
(Our wedding day, Our honeymoon)
March 2000
(Donna & David's wedding, Holiday in Queenstown and walking Milford Track)

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Sonia's Family Tree research

Family Tree
This page shows some of the information we have on our ancestors (of the families Bowmaker, Quiggin, Tyler-Davies and Simpson) from Sonia's family tree research including stories and photos. It also links you to Sonia's more extensive Family Tree website.

Sonia's Work History

A summary of my Career Achievements
I had a wonderful and interesting career before becoming a full-time mum!

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